donderdag 14 augustus 2008

"The studio is the lab"

So bummed I had to go back the real world :

Michiel - guitar

Nico - vocals

Ernst (4 am) - bass

Gert - drums

Krist Torfs - producer and batcatcher

Bert - engineer

Pics by me.


maandag 4 augustus 2008

eternal life is now on my trail

Check out this youtube video of Jeff Buckley playing live, it's ridiculous.

This guy is made out of pure energy
and I'm not saying that because he's going crazy on stage.

He could be standing completely still:

vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

Blue Hotel Sessions

Past week we spent working on our very first official recordings in the Blue Hotel studio's in Belgium. It was an intens musical and spiritual experience for all involved and altough we're far from finished, the right vibe was created.

I'll put some other photo's up next week.


ps.: good times:
-pes on psp
-el chondor the bat catcher(vid up soon!)
-planet earth dvd's

zondag 13 juli 2008

The Damned weekend

A couple weeks ago we played two shows with The Damned, we had fun, here are some photo's:

Some of us were sleepy

Some of us looked weird

Some of us were very charismatic

Some of us had a flat tire

We were all down to play.

donderdag 10 juli 2008

some tunes

I asked everyone to select their song of the "week" (as if) so you can check out what The Reactionaries are listening to in their everyday lives.


ps.: There are only 4 songs because Nico is on holiday.
pps.: I picked two because Ernst didn't email me back in time.

"to you it was just music"

Two weeks from now, I will wake up with that anxious thrill you feel when you know the moment you've been preparing for has come. I will get in my car, meet up with the rest of the band and we'll drive off for a cabin in the woods somewhere in parts of Belgium people only go to hike or to start campfires.
Welcome to our blog.
It will give us a platform to keep people in the know or even more confused as to what we're up to, as a band or as individuals. This blog will also about what's on our collective minds mostly each day: (you've guessed it) music. However, we'll try to keep this reactionares-related so you won't have to read about the latest santogold, trapped under ice or bonnie "prince' billy records I've dl'd. Thank God.
As I was saying, in two weeks we'll start recording for our first official release, which will come out on Deranged Records (google them). I don't think any one of us really knows which of the 15-or-so songs we've written are going to make it on the album, so there's a considerable amount of space left for creativity during those two weeks we'll be in the studio.
I'll keep you posted.